Tips to Surviving Situations You Haven’t Yet Faced, But Will

Managing through difficult or “sticky” situations often requires the savvy that comes with years of experience. The kind you gain from trial and error. The wisdom you gain from these moments can be oddly contrary to what common sense might suggest. These types of situations are too often experienced as setbacks or “learning moments.” Reality is that they can be avoided.

While developing the Jump by Design framework, I realized that sharing insights that come from years of managing through rough patches would be a tangible benefit to leaders with less experience. My goal is to reduce or eliminate as many “learning moments” as possible and help emerging leaders avoid the associated frustrations and delays in Jumping ahead.

Life offers us many learning moments. This series of posts offers a few tips to help you make better decisions as you prepare for the future.

Written by David Pachter—founder of JumpByDesign, helping leaders accelerate achievement and the Executive Chairman of JumpCrew, helping companies scale revenues through targeted social marketing and sales. @DavidPachter

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