How does JbD Consulting Work?

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Executive Consulting and Advisory

C-level and Entrepreneur programs focus on new opportunities, growth and crisis management.
David and the JumpbyDesign team focus on building value and your most critical opportunities.
From creating a growth culture to maximizing exit opportunities, the JumpbyDesign team brings deep functional expertise all the client engagements we consider.

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Online Coaching and Training

Action Coaching for Emerging Leaders, Executives, and Business Owners.
Group and individual coaching programs focus on enhancing coaching skills, individual and team achievement. Coaching and training are facilitated by top professionals skilled in JumpbyDesign process and methods.
Accelerate your ability to achieve and maintain a balance and fulfilling life.

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Leader's Coach Program

Build a coaching culture and the skills to ensure your leaders get the best out of their teams.
Coaching is the quickest and most effective method for your team to drive better results.
Create a systematic approach to coaching while developing your leaders to be great coaches.
Valuable for all people leaders and critical for sales leaders.
Benefits of this program include:
• Improve win rates for salespeople
• Increase employee and staff engagement
• Improve individual performance
• Help identify and develop high potential employees
• Help to motivate and empower individuals to excel
• Empower individuals and encourage them to take responsibility

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