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Meet David Pachter

David’s journey can be described as “slacker to CEO.” He grew up in New York City, where his first passion was playing basketball. An average athlete at best, David often focused his game on supporting the more talented players. He believes that teams with less individual talent win by working together, selflessly. The chemistry of how teams collaborate and communicate and an individual’s ability to break out of mental models and play different roles – all contributed to great teams and would become key elements of JumpbyDesign philosophy on leadership and growth.

David overcame a lack of focus, ambitious overconfidence and the resulting early setbacks to become a founder and board member of several successful media, technology and services businesses. He has earned recognition as a C-level executive, successful serial entrepreneur, and advisor to CEOs.

In addition to JumpbyDesign, David is the Executive Chairman of the JumpCrew, a client acquisition platform whose partners benefit from its lead generation, nurturing and sales execution expertise. He is also on the Board of Staff Management Services.

Prior to JumpbyDesign, David was the co-founder and CEO of LocalVox, a content marketing platform acquired by The Berry Company in 2014 and he was previously the founder and CEO of The Bond Street Group, a staffing and recruitment firm, acquired by Human Edge.

Meet David in person at the next Jump Forum. In the meantime, connect with David on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Meet Laura Strausberg

Laura Strausberg, currently the CEO, of Organizational Development Solutions, began her career at Stanford University leading research studies on behavior change after graduating with her M.Ed from the University of Texas. Over the past twenty years, she has worked with small start-ups to Fortune 100 consulting to build high performing organizations, optimizing employee experience, increasing organizational effectiveness while developing great leaders. Laura has experience across various industries including high tech, healthcare, media & entertainment, financial services, insurance and aviation.

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