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Meet David Pachter

David’s journey can be described as “slacker to CEO.” He grew up in New York City, where his first passion was playing basketball. An average athlete at best, David often focused on contributing to the game by supporting the more talented players. He discovered at a young age that teams with less collective talent would win by working together, selflessly. In high school, he preferred studying team dynamics of basketball. He began to study why some teams worked so well and others did not, and the key elements of team collaboration. The chemistry of skills and attitudes, the productive tension (and peer pressure) that groups develop, the ability of team members to break out of their preconceived mental models and play different roles – all contributed to winning and would become key elements of David’s philosophy on leadership and growth.

Throughout a long string of wins in business as well as his early setbacks, David became a disciplined student of leadership, teams, and organizations. He earned recognition as a C-level executive, a serial entrepreneur, an advisor to CEOs, and an investor in early-stage companies.

David enjoys sharing the lessons he has learned and advises CEOs on best practices for successful rapid expansion, constant innovation, and scaling. He was a founder and board member of several successful early-growth-stage businesses. He recently cofounded JumpCrew, a turnkey sales outsourcing and social marketing company that accelerates growth for local businesses.

David attributes his success to his study of how to turn small steps into big team Jumps – he knows from firsthand experience how the nimble survive, the scalable win, and the collaborative endure.

Meet David in person at the next Jump Forum. In the meantime, connect with David on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mandy KenKnight

Having a strong passion for music made Nashville the perfect place for Mandy to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, she graduated Cum Laude from Nashville’s Belmont University, while she furthered her own musical career performing around the southern states at many of the popular venues. She has worked as an Executive and Personal Assistant and Estate Manager for some of the music industry’s elite, including Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Jay DeMarcus (Rascal Flatts).

Before joining the JumpbyDesign family, Mandy combined her passions and entrepreneurial strengths in a parallel industry by launching her own modeling and talent agency where she employed young hopefuls, supervising and mentoring them to success in all segments of the entertainment industry. Today, Mandy is focused on utilizing her business skills by teaming up with positive, strong, motivated and talented executives at JumpCrew, as well as contributing to JumpbyDesign.

Ebony Martin

Ebony Martin is a digital content specialist and editor who combines her love for creative writing with her passion for journalism and professional marketing experience. She is enthusiastic about building brands, and advises organizations and entrepreneurs on content strategy and communications. She has developed content for hundreds of companies throughout New York City in her career and enjoys seizing new opportunities if time permits. As a reporter, her work has been featured on CBS News, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the New York Teacher, a publication of the United Federation of Teachers.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ebony and David worked together at LocalVox. She is frequently a collaborator and editor on leadership and JumpbyDesign content. She is also a contributor to the JumpMaster project.

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