JBD Framework

Jump by Design® is a framework to accelerate the achievement you want. The five-frames enable faster innovation and transformations by providing structure to identify goals and a plan to reach them.

1. Discovery

Know the true distance between where you are and where you want to go.

Figure out where you are.

A successful Jump requires that you understand your current coordinatesWe are all victims of our ego’s interpretation of our accomplishments.

Triangulate the input of your ego with clear thought and independent validation. In other words, speak with people you trust about it and get “real” with yourself.

Without clarity, you will not be prepared for your Jump.

2. Vision

Clear goals replace random actions with intentional actions and desired outcomes.

Intent is knowing where you want to go.

Define a place you can imagine achieving, though not necessarily today. Thinking big doesn’t mean thinking only about yourself. Teams make bigger, more impactful Jumps.  The first big Jump is from self-fulfillment to being modestly selfless. You can’t get there alone. Your team’s accomplishments should reflect your own.

You should always be able to articulate where you want to be and why you want to be there.

3. Planning

Discipline is about having a plan and following it.

Make a plan to get there.  

The Flight Plan is how you are going to execute your Jump.

A big Jump is a series of connected hops. Identifying the connections (the right team and the skills to master) allows you to arrive at your final destination faster and more safely.

Effective execution requires the right tools and collaborators. Big Jumps – the ones that lead to the next Jump – also have a sense of purpose.

4. Reflection

Clarity allows you to adjust, change, and innovate.

Review your plan often and account for changes.  

Jumps are not made on automatic pilot. Always adjust to changing conditions.  Your focus and the focus of your team will change over time. How will you know?  Stop and reflect regularly.

Your success will be enhanced and accelerated if your vision extends to the needs of your team.

5. Purpose

Land prepared to contribute to the success of others.

Prepare and execute your landing.  

Jumpmasters’ success has proven relative to their ability to help their team members achieve Jumps of their own. The purpose is an affirmation of your Jump’s intent and an acknowledgment that others played an important role in your success.

Use a Landing Check process to check-in with your team and maximize mindful actions that are of service to others.

Track Your Jumps

Because leaders with focus and discipline jump farther and faster.