You are ready to achieve the change you want

Use the JBD Personal Management Framework


You are willing to think like an entrepreneur

Lead by example and help others achieve


You are able to turn setbacks into successes

JumpMasters Persevere and Contribute to the Success of Others

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Three Steps to Big Jumps


The first step towards building your success. The planning process is a key to achieving the change you want. The Jump Framework guides you through landing where you intend to.

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Entrepreneurial thinking methodology reduces risk and creates momentum to accelerate achievement. You don’t have to be an Entrepreneur to benefit from thinking like one.

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Perseverance and grit allow you to turn setbacks into success. Commitment means you want to see progress. With the Jump Tracker you can reflect on and improve each Jump.

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Jump by Design® is a means to experience life.

Be “the entrepreneur of your future” and prepare to take advantage of what’s possible before it happens.

Why Jump?

Jump because you are ready to accelerate and influence positive change in your life, business, or career. Jumping is about mastering the changes you want. Big jumps are never easy or fast, but they can be made easier and accelerated.

Jump by Design® is a path to accelerate achievement for people and organizations committed to maximizing their potential and achieving a high level of success. It requires an open mind, a commitment to learning, and a desire to collaborate.

Meet David Pachter

David’s journey can be described as “slacker to CEO.” David grew up New York City amidst gifted students and exceptional athletes. Frustrated with the academic competition, David invested his time playing basketball and focusing on the dynamics of winning teams.

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Track Your Jumps

Because leaders with focus and discipline jump farther and faster.